We offer one free trial lesson suitable for the genres the student is interested in.

Registered students and parents can get access to their own area (on Dance Studio Pro) here:

A registration form will need to be completed prior to the trial, including emergency contacts and medical information.  It is also helpful if previous dance examination certificates can be provided.

Not only will the student be able to have a taste for the class content and pace, a trial lesson will also allow the instructor to assess the student’s suitability to the class level and style.  It is important students are secure in their knowledge and technique before moving up the grades to maximise progression safely, as well as making sure they can enjoy the work they are learning.

Following a trial, and discussion with the class teacher, the student will be enrolled and an invoice will be calculated for the remaining lessons of that month.

Full uniform is expected for the start of a student’s second term (supplies allowing); in the mean time, they should wear plain black suitable alternatives.